Dental Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I assigned a dentist?

No. One of the advantages of the Discount Dental Savings program is that you can choose any dentist or specialist from the nationwide network of participating dental providers through the Aetna Dental Access® netwwork. When calling to schedule an appointment, be sure to verify that the dentist is an active participant in the program. Click here to find a participating dentist. Or call 888-311-6224 and one of our friendly service representatives will assist you with locating a participating network dentist.

Can I use the program when I travel? What if I am a student living away from home?

The Discount Dental Savings program uses a nationwide network of dentists so vacationers, students, and anyone away from home can participate in the program. Check the provider directory to make sure there is a participating dentist in your area. Just be sure to verify the dentist's participation in the program prior to scheduling an appointment and bring your ID card to the dental office at the time of service.

Do I have to submit claim forms?

No. Since the Discount Dental Savings program is not insurance, there are no claim forms to file. However, you must present your ID card at the network dentist's office in order to receive the discount. You are then responsible for paying the dental office the reduced fee at the time of service.

How can I find out what the discounted fee for a particular dental service would be?

When you present your card at the network dentist's office you can request pricing about the discounted fees for services that you will be receiving. You can also contact one of our friendly service representatives toll-free at 888-311-6224 for information about discounted fees at participating network dental offices. Service representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Fees may vary by zip codes and dental offices.

What about specialty care?

Referrals are not needed to visit a specialist. Simply select a specialist from the nationwide network, verify participation in the network, and schedule an appointment for treatment. Remember to bring your ID card since you will need to present it to the dental office at the time of service in order to take advantage of the discounts.

What do I need to receive the dental discount?

You need to bring your ID card and cash, check or credit cards to pay the network dental office their reduced fee. The ID card alerts the dental office to charge you the discounted fee for the dental service/procedure.

What if I lose my ID card?

You can print your ID card by clicking on Member Card on the top Menu. Your User Name is your phone number (10 digits only) and your Password is your zip code (5 digits only). You can also contact our friendly service agents to request a membership card be mailed to you. You can reach us at toll-free 888-311-6224.

When can I start using the program?

You can start using your plan the same day you becoming eligible to begin accessing the discounted dental services.